Beginner Javanese Gamelan I

January 21, 2024 @ 6:30PM — February 25, 2024 @ 7:30PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Nusantarta Arts @ St. Johns Grace : 51 Colonial Circle Lafayette entrance - 3rd Floor Buffalo, NY 14222 Get Directions

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Join our 6 week Beginner Javanese Music Class!

When choosing your sliding scale rate, please keep in mind that Nusantara Arts depends on the generosity of its community to support high caliber artists and programming.

Join Nusantara Arts fall 6 week Beginner Javanese gamelan music class! 6 weeks of fun community oriented gamelan music classes. We will discuss and practice basic Javanese gamelan skills, theories and methods in an inclusive and fun environment. Sessions are led in a Javanese community oriented style and will focus on players learning several instrument types.

Class Topics will include but are not limited to:

  1. Basic introduction to gamelan instruments, form and function.
  2. Cultural contexts of gamelan music genres and related art forms like wayang and dance.
  3. How to hold mallets properly and play several gamelan instruments.
  4. How to listen to gamelan music as a player and listener.
  5. Structure of a gamelan music piece.
  6. How do devise elaborating parts on Peking and Bonang instruments.


Sundays from 6:30pm-7:30pm

First class January 21st
Last Class - February 25th


Nusantara Arts Culture Center @ St. Johns Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial Circle, Buffalo, NY 14222
(Entrance is on Lafayette Ave. Easternmost side of the building next to the fence)

For participants age 13 and higher. No experience necessary!

Former Student Feedback:

"I enjoyed the community atmosphere and how willing everyone was to teach and help and enjoy"

"I appreciated Matt's patience and sense of humor; he helped us learn and have fun at the same time!"

"Matt is an amazing teacher! Very humble in his depth and breadth of knowledge and skill, he's able to break the material down into easily digestible pieces and leave out the big picture while the students digest the small things, to later integrate into a big picture that makes sense."


Matt Dunning, Executive Director Nusantara Arts

Matt Dunning currently Serves as Executive Director of Nusantara Arts. Matt founded the original Buffalo Gamelan Club in 2015 with a set of instruments shipped across the world from Java and a dream to bring the enchanting music of Indonesia to his hometown. Matt started playing gamelan music in 2006 while living in Chicago, and developed a deep understanding of Javanese performance and cultural practices while living on Java from 2011-2013 as the recipient of two Indonesian Government “Darmasiswa” artistic residency scholarships.

Matt has been fortunate to study with some of the best gamelan musicians including Darsono Hadiraharjo, Heri Purwanto, Wawan Sosodoro, Putu Septa, and Gusti Komin. As founder of Nusantara Arts, his personal goal is to bring the beautiful music and culture of Indonesia to a broader audience while being faithful to the living traditions of Indonesian art

Additional Info: Starting in October following this Beginner Javanese Music Class will be a Beginner Javanese Music II Class for those students who want to continue to learn and get closer to joining Nusantara Arts ongoing Community gamelan group. At the end of session II there will be a recital for Beginner class participants.

Video example of Javanese Gamelan - gendhing Majemuk played bu Nusantara Arts and guest Artists

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