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Donate now to Bring Balinese Gamelan to Buffalo!

We already have the instruments, we just need to get them here!

$100 raised

$5,000 goal

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What's happening??

Since Nusantara Arts humble beginnings as Buffalo Gamelan Club in 2016, our efforts have been focused solely on performing and teaching Central Javanese gamelan music with a long term vision of raising funds to bring Balinese gamelan to Buffalo. Balinese gamelan music is a collection of separate highly acclaimed art forms from the Island of Bali. Its theory and practice grew on a different path from Javanese and now represents its own rich tradition and culture. Diversifying the types of gamelan music we represent will double our capacity of classes and performances. With Balinese Instruments Nusantara Arts will better represent the diverse cultures of our local Indonesian population who express themselves through NAI activities.

In 2022 a major donor is gifting an entire set of bronze Balinese gamelan instruments to Nusantara Arts. This large ensemble of instruments is valued at $30,000. The donor picked Nusantara Arts to carry on the legacy of these instruments. This donation brings our long term goals to the present and represents a unique and wonderful opportunity for NAI.

this is so exciting for us, and is really a dream come true. The type of Balinese gamelan gamelan music represented by this set is called “Semar Pegulingan style”. It's an older style set of instruments that can play a variety of fun repertoire. Our goal is to transport the instruments and tune them this summer, with music classes starting in the fall, and performances by early 2023! please become a part of this journey with us!

Image and more info about Semar Pegulinagan gamelan from: Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Arts